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        Chin State is a mountainous State in the west of Mandalay. It shares its western border with India and Bangladesh. The whole region is made up of high hills, largely dissected by deep valleys. There is hardly any plain or plateau. The heights of the hills ranges are from 1,000 to 3,000 metres. Haka is the state capital and Falam and Tiddim are cities on mountain terraces, with pine forests, apple and orange orchards, TaungZalat flowers. Mount Kennedy of 2,704 metres and an old British Fort namely Fort White is near Tiddim. Mount Victoria of 3,109 metres is near Kanpetlet. Hiking, Trekking and Adventure tours can start from Pakokku to Mindat by jeep, from Mindat to Aye Sakhan by trekking and from Aye Sakhan to Mount Victoria by hiking and camping.    
        The Chins lives in the vast mountain range, which runs up the North Western side of Myanmar into North East India with the Population of 1.5 million in Myanmar.                    
        The Chins or Zomies as they called themselves are Tibeto Burman Ancestry and share the culture and Language with the people in the Neighbouring states of India.
        The Chins depend on lowland for trades and carry their goods in baskets. In Myanmar Language chin means basket and were called chin people because of the baskets they used to carry their goods.
        The Chins have more than forty sub groups distinguished by their unique facial tattoos and customs. The customs of Tattooing originated almost a thousand years ago when neighbours men found the chin women so attractive that they would capture them in slave raids. Under that fear the chin women began to Tattoo their faces, both to make themselves unattractive and to ensure that Chin Men would recognize them if they were captured and carried off.

        The Chin Bon, Chin Bok and Laytoo are the Southern Chin Clans, which are distinguished by different facial Tattoos, which consist of dots and lines.
        Young Chin Girls are tattooed at youth, as they grow the design stretches across their faces creating different features, which closely resemble a spider web or a sunrise. The Chin women usually wears Traditional drum. Shaped silver earrings and the Laytoo Chin men also wears the same earrings.
        The Chin headman is resplendent in his ceremonial silk, Head dress decorated with rooster feathers and string of cowry shells and wear thick discs of gold in his ears. Most of the terrain occupied by Chin is Mountainous and settlements are generally found between 3000 and 7000 feet above sea levels. Where the people live by slash and burn agriculture. The Chins are also skilled hunters and animal sacrifice plays an important role in animistic ceremonies. Chin women have traditionally participated in all tasks in the village. Although some chins retains their animist or traditional spirit religion a majority of Chins began converting to Christianity at the end of the 19th century, when British and Americans missionaries began work on both sides of Myanmar and India.
        The Chins hill in Patoka area can be reached by jeep toward "Mindat" and the best season to visit and explore the mountain ranges is in November, December, January, February, March, April after the rainy season ends in Myanmar.

Naga Traditional New Year Festival

Numerous Naga tribes spread throughout the Northwestern hills of Myanmar. Most of the Naga are from the Chin State. The Naga festival is social, but it is also to exchange previous year experiences, to make plans for the coming year and to discuss how to overcome difficulties. They pray for abundant crops and domestic animals and to have good weather. Another aspects of this festival is reunion of relatives, who are away from home. They worship to their deities by scarifying the animals. The festival is usually in January.

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